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Installation issue with Webroot on Mac

Webroot Installation issue on Mac – Webroot protect your PC framework from the Viruses, Malware, phishing sites, and other cybercriminal activities. Webroot installation errors are very frequent with the clients those are using it and can be resolved by reinstalling or performing some basic troubleshooting steps. Most importantly, we have to attempt to boot in protected mode if getting error  Webroot Won’t get install on Mac computer. Below mentioned are basic troubleshooting steps which will assist you in fix the installation issue.


The boot scan in safe mode will assist you the cause of the error &  their solution

  •  For boot scan in safe mode, You need to restart your Mac PC.
  •  Now press the Shift key after you restarted the Mac then wait until Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • When you see the login window then you can release the shift key and login to your PC.
  • If you are using File Vault then you need to login two times:
  • First, to unlock the startup disk.
  • Second time to log in to the finder.
After this method, you will have the capacity to start up in Safe Mode and then scan the system to fix the issue. In case you want to leave Safe Mode then you have to restart your Mac PC. This time it isn't required to press the shift key during the startup procedure.

  • Webroot not working on Mac. 
  • How to introduce Webroot on mac? 
  • Why Webroot SecureAnywhere won't open Mac? 
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere Mac installation fizzled. 
  • Webroot won't introduce Mac.
All of the above-mentioned issues are resolvable and our technical experts will guide you through the system. In case you have any question-related Webroot then you can contact Webroot Support for the help.


  • You have to uninstall recently introduced security tool on your system.
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere on the off chance that you wish to uninstall, tap on the Webroot icon and after that select Shut Down SecureAnywhere. 
  • after that click on the trash icon and then open the Application directory. 
  • Click on the Webroot SecureAnywhere program and after that drag it into the delete folder.
  • Now you need to click Uninstall, to confirm the removal of the program from the system.
The un-installation process, if  Webroot won't uninstall on the Mac machine, you can try contacting Webroot Support or visit us at for the further guidance. One of our technical specialists will guide you through the steps and also help you in Webroot install.


  • Open your internet browser and after that visit to download  Webroot product.
  • If you already a user then the email you got from the Webroot Product key then type your last name and email id to download the Webroot software.
  • In the download folder and click on the wsamac.dmg file to run the installation setup.
  • Drag the Webroot icon into the Installation/Applications folder and then double tap on the Webroot icon.
  • Now Activation wizard select language and after that type the Webroot keycode in the required field.
  • Now click Activate and follow to the instructions showed on the PC screen to finish the process.
  • Click Close and then start to securing your system.
If you don't have any technical knowledge and need help, you may contact Webroot Support. You can also connect with us by visiting our website online.


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