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How to Fix Webroot Keycode Errors or Invalid Messages is an antivirus program which is so different than any other competitors in the market.  As soon as an item in the Webrootla laboratories, labeled by itself on your PC, and it occurs so promptly overall Webroot clients, this is because of truly working in the cloud. It works in the cloud, which demonstrates that Webroot can take 4 to 5 minutes at a large portion of the occasions to introduce in light of the fact that there are no nonstop signature refreshes for introducing

Webroot is a generally straight and viable way since it never downloads the infection signature onto your PC. A large portion of the counter infections is exceptionally unsafe not just in light of the fact that they download the infection signature onto your PC yet additionally degenerate your heaps of vital records and organizers.


if you often receive annoying ERROR messages when you introduce windows PC or Mac on the off chance that truly, we have the most ideal approaches to tackle your concern:

  1. Check properly and ensure that you are not mistyping the keycode. We are disclosing to you this on the grounds that multiple occasions characters like o/0, s/5, and b/8, and so forth look quite comparative and it confounds the client when he/she types the code in physically.
  2. When introducing Webroot SecureAnywhere from a CD or bundle then you need to try to take note of each letter or number as you type.
  3. On the off chance that you don't know about a character, you can attempt it on both
  4. After installing the product from email, you can reorder the keycode into the installer and Highlight the whole keycode with your mouse for reordering your keycode.
  5. Then right-click on the choice, and select the Copy alternative.
  6. Find your pointer in the keycode section box at that point right-tap on it, and after that select the Paste alternative from the setting rundown of choices comfortable minute when it shows up your keycode.
  7. Please ensure that you are not using an old version of Webroot on the grounds that this could be preventing you from putting in new programming. Evacuate it ASAP.
  8. on the off chance that you see an Error Message like the keycode couldn't be checked right now, at that point you have to comprehend and ensure that Secure Anywhere is enacted and permitted to associate with the web.


  1. If you receive Error FZLC0055, please follow the below-given steps
·         Sign in your account at
·         besides your email address, Open the drop-down menu
·         Tap on manage keycodes
·         Then you will see the older-style keycode (letters only)
·         And then retry the installation using this keycode.

If you receive Error FZLC0056: Invalid or Unknown Keycode, follow the below mentioned steps:-
·        It occurs because of a delay inactivation process
·        Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes
·        Then try again installing or activating your key code
·        If you are still not able to enable or install, contact to Webroot support  


·        in the event that you are entering the erroneous keycode, for example, characters I/1, o/0, s/5, b/8, and others can confound the client when they enter the code physically.
·        if you are not utilizing the correct Android App for your keycode,
·        You should introduce the confided in Mobile Security App from the Play Store, for all clients who have Webroot SecureAnywhere memberships.

    If you don't have any technical knowledge and need help, you may contact Webroot Support. You can also connect with us by visiting our website online.

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